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 Dan has spent most of his life daydreaming. Along the way he’s traveled and lived in a few European countries, raised a family in Hawaii, and recently completed a circle of some sort by returning to the city of his birth (Milwaukee) to live.

He has done a bunch of stuff; primarily being a chef and a dad.

He entertains the notion of being a writer one day, like a real “hey look they’re paying me to do this!” writer but currently makes his way cooking food. Once in a while he writes down a story that ends up here to share with you.

Enjoy and thanks for visiting!

3 Responses to About Dan

  1. David Niederloh says:

    I’m a Niederloh, you’re a Niederloh.
    My father was Edmund and was born in Minneapolis,
    where was your father born and what was his name.
    I know of Niederlohs in St. Louis,
    I know of Niederlohs in Florida.
    Where do your Niederlohs hail from?

  2. Dan says:

    Hi David, nice to meet you.

    My father’s name was Dale. He was born in Los Angeles. I know he had family in St Louis, in fact he mentioned a Niederloh family plot in a graveyard there somewhere. Where did you grow up?

  3. David Niederloh says:

    I was born in Fargo and grew up there and in Glenwood, MN for 18 mos, Burbank, CA for 5th Grade and Sacramento for 8 years graduating from HS there. Spent 3 years in the US Army, 26 mos in Germany and relocated to Portland, OR since 1963. Ranata and I reintroduced ourselves after my leaving the Army in ’63 and driving home from NY and visiting in Fargo on my way to Portland. She and I have raised two fantastic daughters and will be celebrating our 50th anniversary this August.

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